Fentanyl patch online pharmacy
Fentanyl Patch Online Pharmacy
January 1, 2018
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Fentanyl Patch High
March 1, 2018

Buy Fentanyl Actiq lollipop Online

Buy Fentanyl Actiq lollipop Online

If you are familiar with fentanyl products, you have probably come across the name Actiq. Actiq produced these potent candies to treat breakthrough pain in cancer patients above 16 years who are tolerant to opioid. Legally, these drugs are only given to patients with a prescription.

What is the Actiq lollipop dosage?

The fentanyl Actiq lollipops come in very high dosages because this drug is meant for cancer patients going through intense breakthrough pain. They range from 200 – 1600 microgram doses per lollipop. Note that these treatments are opiate high and pause an adverse risk to patients who are not tolerant to high opiate levels. The lollipops pause a high risk of overdose if not correctly administered.

So what is Actiq?

It is an opioid pain drug sometimes called narcotic. It is not meant to treat pain that is not cancer-related.

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How do you use Actiq?

You should use Actiq exactly how your doctor prescribes it. Follow all the instructions on the prescription label. Do not exceed the prescribed amount. Notify your doctor when the drug starts showing side effects.

Note that fentanyl can be habit-forming so you should avoid sharing it with another person especially if he/she has a history of abusing drugs. Store the medicine in a place other people cannot access. Abuse or misuse of fentanyl can cause death especially to young kids who take the Actiq and place it in their mouth.

The Actiq lollipop is a fentanyl citrate lozenge with a plastic handle attached to it. Makers wrap each unit with a child-proof blister pack. When you are ready to use it cut the blister pack open with scissors.

You place the drug in your mouth between the gum and cheek and hold the plastic handle using your fingers. You should twirl the handle to move the drug around when sucking it. Allow the medicine to dissolve in the mouth for approximately 15 minutes. You can swallow if needed.  Avoid chewing or biting the lozenge. Also, avoid eating or drinking anything when the unit is in your mouth. If you desire another lollipop, wait for at least half an hour after finishing the first. Only use one lollipop at a time.

When you start feeling dizzy after using the lollipop, stop using, and contact your doctor.

If you decide to switch to other forms of fentanyl, consult your doctor since doses differ in different forms. Mostly, other forms like powder have lower doses than lollipops. Using the same treatment in other forms might result in adverse effects.

When you are using fentanyl lollipops, make sure you are taking care of your dental hygiene since this drug causes dry mouth that leads to tooth decay.

Lollipops cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms so you should not quit abruptly. Consult with your doctor on safe ways to quit.

Ensure you are keeping track of the lollipop units that you have used from every supply of the drug. Lollipops can easily be abused, and you should be aware if someone else is using this medicine from your stash without your knowledge.

Keep the good and used lollipops away from pets and kids. They are very potent and can cause death to pets and kids. If an overdose happens, seek medical attention immediately. Follow the disposing and storing instructions that come with the kit.

Where to find Fentanyl lollipop for sale

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Lollipop street price

At a legal pharmacy, the price is around ten dollars a lollipop. However, street prices range from 15-50 dollars and sometimes more. Some people find this extravagant, but those who abuse the drug have claimed it is worth the cash.

Fentanyl lollipop taste, high, pictures, flavors

The taste and flavors will differ with manufacturers. Some have chocolate, others apple or strawberry flavors. It all depends on who is making them. Most makers add a laxative. Most regular lollipops have fruit tastes to them. They are hard and do not break easily.


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