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What is Fentanyl?

It is an opioid drug – sometimes known as a narcotic. Specialists use it as an anesthesia to help reduce pain after surgery or any other medical procedure. Most people use it to relieve severe ongoing pain.


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Common Uses:


Chronic Pain

Pain that persists or grows worse


Used to produce anesthesia.

Dercum's Disease

Body fat deposits and pain

Postoperative Pain

Painful tissue trauma during surgery


The state of being calm

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Some crucial details to note

  • Never use this drug if you are allergic – either to fentanyl or other narcotic pain drugs.
  • Your doctor should be monitoring you carefully when you are getting fentanyl injection. It will allow him or her to know whether the drug is working correctly and if you should continue with the treatment.
  • You should consult your doctor immediately if you notice bluish skin or lips, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, or stiff muscles.
  • You should know that fentanyl or other narcotic drugs abuse could cause death or addiction, especially to people without a prescription.
  • Other drugs, if used together with fentanyl, can cause an adverse condition known as serotonin syndrome. Ensure that your doctor is aware if you are also taking medications for mental illness, depression, migraine headaches, Parkinson’s disease, prevention of vomiting or nausea or severe infections. Also, consult your doctor before making any changes in how you take the drug.

How do you give a fentanyl injection?

You inject it into a muscle or a vein using an IV. A doctor will give the injection as part of the anesthesia for a medical procedure or surgery. The doctor monitors the patients breathing, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and other crucial signs closely when the patient is getting fentanyl. The patient might receive other pain drugs to use after the fentanyl treatment stops.

What to tell your Doctor before taking Fentanyl

  • Your history of a brain tumour or head injury
  • Any lung condition or difficulty in breathing
  • Whether you have experienced slow beats
  • Any kidney or liver condition
  • Whether you use any sedative or if you have used an MAO inhibitor recently
  • No study has confirmed whether the use of fentanyl is dangerous to pregnant women. You should notify your doctor if you plan to become pregnant or you are pregnant already. It is also not known if the drug passes into breast milk or it could harm a breastfeeding baby.

What will happen when you miss a dose?

A doctor determines how Fentanyl is needed for only a short period, so it is unlikely you will have a dosing schedule.

What will happen when you overdose?

As said earlier, a doctor gives this drug in a medical setting, so an overdose is unlikely unless you are taking it without a prescription. It is crucial to ensure that a doctor is monitoring you if you are taking fentanyl.

Things you should avoid after getting fentanyl

Some side effects result from taking fentanyl that can impair your reactions or thinking. Avoid driving or operating anything that needs you to be alert and awake after you have taken this medication. Severe drowsiness or dizziness can cause accidents. You should also avoid alcoholic drinks for a few hours after taking this drug.

Side effects of fentanyl

You should seek medical help immediately if you witness any allergic reactions such as swelling face, tongue, lips or throat, hives, difficulty breathing. Just like other narcotic drugs, fentanyl can slow your thinking and breathing. You might die if the breath is too weak. Your doctor will monitor any of the side effects that might clear up within minutes after stopping taking fentanyl or reducing the dose. Other side effects that are common with fentanyl are muscle stiffness, high blood pressure, anxiety, confusion, vision problems, dizziness, fainting, light head, sweating, itching, and pounding or ears and neck. Note that this is not a complete list of side effects and you might witness other side effects. Consult your doctor concerning any of the above side effects.

What other drugs should you avoid when you are under fentanyl treatment?

A combination of narcotic drugs and fentanyl can cause harmful side effects or even death. Ensure you tell your doctor you are using other narcotic drugs such as opioid or cough drugs, insomnia drugs, sedatives, muscle relaxers, or medications that affect serotine levels in your body. In conclusion, there are many over the counter, herbal products and vitamins drugs that you should avoid when taking fentanyl too. Although not everything is listed in this guide, we have exhausted most things you need to know. You can buy fentanyl from our online shop at an affordable price. We ship discreetly around the world. Call us today and make your order.

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Fentanyl for sale: Enjoy a wide range of its medical uses

  • Moderate-to-severe pain management in patients who require continuous treatment;
  • anesthesia for individuals who are going to have surgery;
  • chronic pain relief in those who have increased tolerance to other opioids;
  • easing physical sensations in patients receiving chemotherapy;
  • dealing with Dercum’s disease.

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